What is Fascia?

Fascia is the main focus of Rolfing Structural Integration. Fascia, also known as connective tissue, is a web-like complex that is beneath the skin layer and surrounds muscles, nerves, organs, and bones. Fascia is made primarily of collagen.

We can have impingements in our fascia from scar tissue, body history, daily activities, and stress. When the fascia is getting pulled in the wrong direction and the muscles, nerves, organs, and bones are not fluid, chronic pain will occur.

Rolfing SI uses fascia manipulation while educating the body with movement in order to release the blockages that are happening in the muscles, nerves, organs, and bones. For example, the adductor muscle group between the quads and hamstrings can, depending on the person, be mingled together with the hamstrings. As a Rolf practitioner, I will differentiate these muscle groups while asking the client to lift or rotate their leg. This technique separates each muscle group and re-teaches the muscles what their purpose is.

When muscles, nerves, organs, and bones have space to be fluid within the body, that is when optimal physical health can be achieved.

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