How to Find Neutral in the Pelvis

The position of the pelvis can be a major culprit for low back pain. The pelvis can have a neutral, anterior, or posterior tilt. It is ideal to have a neutral pelvis.

The shape of the pelvis is also different for men and women.

Men stand with their legs closer together and women stand with their legs farther apart. Both men and women can develop an anterior or posterior tilt depending on body history or body mechanics of everyday life.

There a couple of exercises to perform to find pelvic neutrality. For people with a posterior tilt, try walking on the floor on all fours. Crawl on your knees and hands, lifting your head to look around. Be curious like a toddler learning to explore the world. When we are crawling, the secondary curves of the spine develop. The lumbar and cervical spine will appear. Notice how your pelvis becomes neutral.

For people with an anterior tilt, lay on your back on the floor with your knees up and feet flat on the hard surface. Press your weight into your feet, making sure to use equal pressure in both feet. As you press your feet, focus on lengthening your femur bones in the thighs. This movement will bring your pelvis more posterior. Then let the pressure relax. Keep performing this rocking motion with the pelvis, forward and backward. Now make each movement less and less, until you come to a stopped position. Notice how your pelvis is now resting in a neutral position.

Keep practicing these exercises depending on what you need in order to find neutral. Once your body becomes more accustomed to where it should feel in neutral, it will be more effortless.

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