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So Happy to have a Rolfing Practitioner in my Area!!

I first heard of Rolfing about a year ago when I met Annie. As I explored this structural integration technique, I was intrigued about how it focused on releasing and realigning the connective tissue to put muscles, joints, and bones back in proper positioning. I also was surprised to find that Rolfing was the treatment of choice for people who participate in extreme sports, such as rock-climbing and olympic skiing. I decided that if Rolfing worked for them, it could help the neck and shoulder issues I developed during my 20 years of being a bedside nurse.

Annie was extremely attentive to my description of the pain I experienced and we had great conversations regarding treatments I had sought in the past. She explained what the 10-series involved and how it would work. Annie accepted where I was at, encouraged questions, and I never felt awkward or embarrassed as we began the series.

I quickly learned that Rolfing was like nothing I had tried in the past. The first 3 series resulted in my neck and shoulders feeling better than they had in years. Annie also identified one hip as being tighter than the other and worked on releasing that area of connective tissue. I looked forward to each part of the series and feel that I have learned so much about posture and proper alignment.

I have used massage therapies, physical therapy treatments, and yoga for years to decrease pain and increase flexibility. These modalities have been good and helpful. But I can attest that Rolfing is unlike anything I have tried. I am a firm believer in Rolfing and highly recommend Annie’s services.

- Lynda-Blairstown, NJ

For me, Rolfing was a unique physical and mental experience.

I plan to return to Anna again for regular tune-ups. I love the way you can feel your body's tissue being pulled like rolling dough. Something that I found cool about Rolfing was its focus on body awareness and centering yourself. This gives you a spatial awareness in your own being that I never even knew was possible. I have a natural slouch in my stance and I could feel myself straightening out and I could notice the straightness in the mirror after only a few sessions. After doing an entire Ten Series, I could feel my body realigning and reconstructing itself as fascia pulled my muscles into their intended positions. I am an avid outdoorsman, rock climbing and skiing primarily, and I can see how this could benefit athletes and people with certain sports-induced injuries. Not to mention it is simply relaxing and stress reducing. Overall, Rolfing was a great experience and Anna was quite knowledgeable and personable.

- Hunter-Fort Collins, CO

I have been getting bodywork since 2008.

I have done many many modalities and have had many many therapists. I would like to take this time to highly complement and recommend Anna. Although Rolfing is not a well known modality, I am finding it quite helpful! Amongst other things I have had difficulty with my feet and legs splaying and in one session, she has virtually corrected it!

I, being the Goldilocks of bodywork, have found Anna to be an awesome therapist! She tows the line nicely in so many ways... She is friendly, but not too friendly, her pressure is not too light, but not too deep... She is attentive, compassionate, and open, but does not cross the boundary becoming too personal. And I find she has a deep understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit. She will go the extra mile for you to accomodate your body's particular needs. I find her to be a breath of fresh air!

- Denise-Long Valley, NJ

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with helping me. You are an outstanding Rolfer, healer, and intuitive person. Your energy is both gentle and strong. I'm so grateful to you!

- Lauri-Long Valley, NJ