About the Practitioner


My name is Anna.
I was a hairstylist for 9 years and that occupation contributed to tendinitis in my arm, chronic lower back pain, hunched shoulders, and an unbalanced way of standing on my feet. I became a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor to help alleviate these issues by toning and creating more balance within my body. While I became more in tune with my body through my yoga practice, I still felt something was missing. I then learned about Rolfing® Structural Integration. After receiving the 10-Series, I am taller, I feel more confident in my own body, I have more ease of movement, and I am more mindful with my body mechanics. I also notice that my yoga practice has improved.

I want to share and help others through RolfingĀ® SI because everyone deserves freedom of movement and ease in their body. From using smart phones, I notice that a person's head becomes locked, pointing toward the ground. I can see a rounded spine from a person with a desk job. I can notice that the hobby of a drummer or a skateboarder makes their feet splayed outward. When the body is in alignment and using less muscles to stand and sit in gravity, it becomes effortless. I am proud to be a Certified Rolfing Practitioner and I look forward to helping you achieve ease of motion, better posture, and overall well-being.