How to Walk with Contralateral Movement

Contralateral Movement is a diagonal movement of one upper limb with the opposite lower limb. Walking should have movement and fluidity. Rigid walking, like a robot, can create stiffness and pain. Rigid walking can be caused by hardware from surgeries, lack of body awareness, or by getting stuck in a pattern. To walk with contralateral… Continue reading How to Walk with Contralateral Movement

Rolfing SI and the Meridians

The main focus of Rolfing Structural Integration is the connective tissue, also known as fascia within the body. This web-like complex also holds the Meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians hold invisible energy pathways, or channels, that run through the body. Our vital life energy, called qi or chi, is thought to flow along… Continue reading Rolfing SI and the Meridians

Psychobiological Pain/Discomfort Exercise

Psychobiology is the study of the interrelationships of biology and psychology in cognitive functioning, including intellectual, memory, and related neurocognitive processes. For example, a person has rounded shoulders to guard their heart or a person has a tucked tailbone to protect their pelvis from past trauma. While receiving the Rolfing Structural Integration 10-Series, new patterns… Continue reading Psychobiological Pain/Discomfort Exercise

Psoas Function

The two psoas muscles are attached to the lumbar vertebrae, through the pelvis, and then attaches to your femurs. These are the only muscles that connect the torso to the legs. The psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in your core. They are in the hip flexor group and when flexed can pull the thigh… Continue reading Psoas Function

Relaxing the Body

Letting oneself feel supported by the ground is the primary activity of relaxation. Relaxation is something you do within your own body. This blog is an exercise for relaxing the body. You will begin is Savasana or Corpse Pose. You will lay on your back on the ground with your palms facing the sky and… Continue reading Relaxing the Body

Does Rolfing Structural Integration Hurt?

When I mention that I am a Rolfing Practitioner to people, the ones who know what Rolfing Structural Integration is, always say, “I hear Rolfing hurts.” It’s terrible that Rolfing SI gets a bad rap. Rolfing SI should not be more uncomfortable than the pain you are already in. In the 70’s, when Dr. Ida… Continue reading Does Rolfing Structural Integration Hurt?

The Rolfing 10-Series: Each Session Explained

The Rolfing 10-Series is a recipe of 10 sessions that starts with superficial layers, then goes deeper, with each session stacking up on top of the last session. Each session is completely different, catering to each individual’s needs. The objective of Rolfing Structural Integration is to get gravity to flow through us, instead of working… Continue reading The Rolfing 10-Series: Each Session Explained